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Internet Download Manager [LZ] aka IDM [LZ] Server is a prerequisite for the Windows Phone App of same name to be able to Transfer downloaded files to your PC.

Internet Download Manager [LZ] Server makes the file transfer simple and also enables Pause and Resume of file transfers releaving you from the worry of transferring large files from phone to PC.
It also specifies the needed information like IP Address and Port, the Server is currently running on, to make it easy for you to connect your phone. With everything setup, it only takes a single tap on the 'send to pc' button in the phone app to start transferring the file from phone to PC.

IDM [LZ] Server requires .Net Framework 4.0 to be installed on your PC before hand.
If you did not find the download buttons yet, have a look to the right >> .
Internet Download Manager [LZ] WP App
Video Demonstration of IDM [LZ] Windows Phone App and IDM [LZ] Server: