Step 1
Copy the text below

Step 2
Add this page to your favourites, and replace the web address with the text you copied

Step 3
Go to the webpage where the embedded video is present and make sure that video is loaded/playing.
Now, to open it in full screen, just go to favourites and click '→ Open video in full screen'.
If you are prompted to Open or Save. Click 'open' to stream or click 'save' to download the video.
Go to next step if this doesn't work.

Step 4(advanced, for videos inside iframes)
If the above thing does not work, probably, the embedded video is in an iframe. To play them in full screen we need another code snippet. For that do the same as above but this time copy the text below and name the favourite as '→ Open iframe video full screen' so that this does not get replaced with the above one!

Step 5
Same as above, go to a webpage with video, then go to favourites and click Open iframe video full screen.
This time, where ever an iframe is present, you will see a red box above it, with a button 'Click for Full Screen'.

Step 6
Click the button above the video you want to play.
This will open the iframe in a new page. Now you can simply go to step 1 and follow the procedure as this time video is no more in an iframe and so above thing would work.


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